Friday, 7 November 2014

Actress Tisha Doing Films Again With Actor Shakib Khan

Bangladeshi television drama actress Tisha doing films again. The film was name is Mental. Tisha says, is the final on Sunday in her discussion with the filmmakers. And even before the final negotiations with Shakib Khan. Mental films Tisha will be played a role of crime fictions journalists. She said, The story and screenplay of the film trying a few days long. There are many opportunities in the performance. And the new film will see me. Shakib Khan and Tisha not played together previous time. They made each other couple of this film first time. Tisha says, Shakib Khan is a hero of our film industries. Like many of my favorite artists in Bangladesh. I'll work definitely with him, no doubt it. Film director Shamim Ahmed said, The film needed an actress who for Simi role character, which has everything to Tisha. Tisha audience acceptance and much more. Mental film shooting will begin on 11th December. Take part in the day of the shooting with Shakib Khan and Tisha. The films has also co artist are Kabila, Misha Soudagor, Achol, Porshi appeared. Nushrat Imrose Tisha has played previous time 'Third Person Singular Number' and this was successful film in the history of Bangladesh.

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