Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bangladeshi Actress Popy Upcoming Film "Char Okkhorer Bhalobasha" Review | Popy Latest Photos

Once upon a time She was in a better position in Bangladeshi film industries which is called "Dhallywood" cinema. But over the last 3 year is not going to get any films of her. Whatever It may be her puberty problem or a lot of weight causes. Let be introduce of her upcoming new film "Char Okkhorer Bhalobasha" it's going to be released on November 8, 2014. But the big news is the release of the film on the big screen after a long time coming actress Sadika Parvin Popy. And it will be three years as his. National Film Award for Actress of the latest film was of these 'Garments Konna'. The film is going to be released about the Popy said that, Basically, it's a women head movie. Fairy tale, the film location and there are some beautiful songs. Believe me, the movie of women head in all the towns and villages like. Of The Total, I'm in love in this movie'.
Village head love story script created on "Char Okkhorer Bhalobasha". Popy said, This is a silent film for the first time I've worked with Ferdous Hasan who is popular actors of Bangladesh. In all, visitors will enjoy a great chemistry.
Popy was reduced in the context of films, like the budget priority, then the good stories and talented director. Noticed, you see, everything has a price, but the movie's budget is decreasing day by day. And there is nothing to tell the story to the movies today. Despite the desire to do so becomes. Suggested to me the day of the film. After hearing the story, and the budget and there is no way except they will not. Popy also claimed were reduced films, she has been working regularly. She claim, Eid television work, take part in various events and award show, In all I think that is always busy. Remember, I was not taking away from Dhallywood cinema.

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