Monday, 24 November 2014

Bangladeshi Drama Actress Subarna Mustafa and Director Saud Family In The Face Of Breakdown

Bangladeshi girl are really lacking? Why the middle aged women Bangladeshi drama actress Subarna Mustafa married with young drama director Bodrul Anam Saud. Now actress Subarna Mustafa and film, drama director Saud family breakdown occurred tunes. Is widely discussed in the media for several days. Some of them did not want to speak about it. In 2008 7th July they married alone without any clue. Then do not take their marriage in media. Others have simply matter. New family greeted well. They together to create drama and acting were busy. But the reality is very tough and ruthless. When Humayun Foridi was ruthless as Subarna Mustafa came to leave, probably going to leave him so emotionally of Subarna humming sound that is heard in the media is now laid. Badrul Anam Saud is now love to young actress. It would be in reality. Facebook and other social sites is a discussion about breaking the news to their family. A sources Subarna-Saud mind defilement days. The young woman in love with the well being trapped Saud. All this is going to grin and bear Subarna Mustafa. but for how long? So the idea is, the separation of the event is going to happen soon remarried neighborhood drama.

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