Friday, 7 November 2014

BD Film Actress Achol Kistimat Review

Fiddling with BD actress Achol before Eid. The film 'Kistimat' was released to theaters on Eid day. She has acted in this film. She was very busy at that time of the film campaign. Various TV channels and FM radio interviews. To speak with a quilt, and it will be published after Eid. BD Film actress Today's Achol said her movie Kistimat on Media that, In short time recent i passed very much. Consider the early days occasionally wondered myself. Last year Prem Prem Paglami, Jotil Prem and Ki Prem Dekhaila has released an ignoramus. Viewers watched the entire three films. Have played in 'Fad' movie with Shakib Khan. Me success this series brings today. This position gave her the quilt, greatly strengthened her position in the film acting debut opposite Shakib Khan. Then she got the opportunity to work on a big budget film like this with Popular actor Shakib Khan, she said and thanks to Shakib. Her numerous fans across the country. After working with him I have been able to reach out to the audience. Shakib Khan from the film 'Fad' from work have the opportunity to learn many things about the film. How to face a quilt that was rising. Said, 'We've worked a lot. Now that is the kind of film, it is certainly different from Kistimat. They see the film, they will surely agree with me. This film needs which need to be done. In the context of the experience of working,saying it was too cold. Song of the night in a hotel in Sylhet shooting scene flushed. There have been three hours in cold water to fin. It was going to be dead after shots. Was in the middle of the river on the way to the mountains. There is no way to cross with cars. Happened two boats tied together despite the danger we were away. Thanks to Achol to acting this film, we seeing this film of the country and should be the film running on abroad. Hopefully, this will be my everything.

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