Friday, 7 November 2014

Kareena Kapoor Khan Wants To Be A Mother

Last year, Kareena Kapoor Khan is reluctant to take the child, She said, who knows, I might not ever be a mother. If you take the decision to make the mother, but not surprising. Saif has two children and they are my children. Saif and I'm not the typical Indian couple whose marriage is the sole purpose of giving birth to a child. But the mother has expressed interest in becoming Nawab of Pataudi Saif Ali Khan's wife heroine Kareena Kapoor Khan star. After five years of living under the same roof was completed in October 1 to 16 2012, Saif-Kareena wedding formalities. Considering the interest of the fans of this couple Saif-Kareena change gave journalists threw questions about personal issues. Oft-times, especially when the mother has to be faced with this question, 34-year-old actress. She always tried to avoid the question of the individual to have. She said there were no plans to become a mother. However, recently a different answer to the same question came face to Kareena. Finally she said that she Want to take a taste of motherhood. Interacting with journalists during a press conference recently held in Mumbai, Kareena said, At this point I'm ready to be a mother. But that time has not come yet. Saif and me we both are giving each other time more than ever. We're all well lots of work. Cut our time going through intense engagement with the work. A anonymous said previously. If everything is all right Kareena will be played with Salman Khan new film 'Bajrangi Bhaijan'. She is very exciting to getting the opportunity to work with Salman again. Kareena said, At this stage of luge now that I'd played films, which will give me pleasure. Going to start shooting a film with Salman soon. Believe me, this film will attract the attention of film lovers.

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