Friday, 7 November 2014

Lux Channel I Superstar 2014 Who Is Wearing The Crown?

The contestants look at each other five questions. Then one by one with a smile replied, 'I will win'. Lux Channel I Superstar contest last five participants were asked, 'who can be a superstar in this year? 'The answer is not beauty, beauty was shown by confidence'. Grooming more than three moths, to take part in various competitions, the judges face, leaves the family to remain outside, caught ourselves within the rules, just waiting now for the crown. Five of the latest demanding that crown. Neelanjona Neela, Supriya Prativa, Nadia Afreen, Nazifa Anjum and Fahmida Prema waiting for today on telecast Channel I just 7:30 pm clock. They regularly to the gym, doing the diet. Training down the catwalk, many of dance program. The goal of the colorful world of modeling and acting. Foothold in the world is greater than the platform that everyone unanimously confessed.
Take hesitant towards, come here, I did not think so much can be learned. Superstar may not be the biggest punishment. Give thanks unto the hands of those who had regular grooming. Now is the day, doing calculations the contestants hours. Outskirts of the city will be held today evening at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center will be held Channel I grand Finale 2014 at just 7:30 pm. Competitors will have to complete in a special performance superstar. Popular Bangladeshi Band singer James will be serve the music. The whole ceremony was decorated with arrangements of various types. Three judges Suborna Mustafa, Tahsan and Api Karim with provided viewers will be determined through online voting system 2014 Lux Channel I Superstar. Again The event telecast Channel I.

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