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Paoli Dam Latest Stills, Paoli Dam Upcoming Bangladeshi Film "Sotta" Review With Shakib Khan

Indian Kolkata is called the queen of the fair. An understanding of the body in front of the camera can be opened up. In Bollywood films Paoli showed her body all of them. That Paoli Dam now Dhaka. Heavy organized of it's activities. Just so many expensive star. In 2004 Kolkata Bengali serial "Jibon Niye Khela" to work with the TV media Pauli Dam. The "Tithir Otithi" discussions with the six years. The goal of his big screen. Sudeshna Ray and Abhijit Guha directed to achieve the goal of 2004 in "Tin Yari Kotha", the name of the film. But the film was not hit in box office of Kolkata. Then Pauli was the TV media and she is not being complacent sisters lived. In 2006 the company to 'Agnipariksha' of the film of Ravi Kinnagi began conducting tests though. The in 2003, Gautam Ghosh directed "Kalbela" film was success in Kolkata movie industries. The 2011 "Chatrak" film Paoli Dam came to the discussion. Bad scene in the film acting the center point into the discussion. The Bollywood "Hate Story" is increased by the value of Paoli Dam that times. However, the film was not popular success with Bollywood divas like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. Basically, Paoli Dam price goes up a lot for her open body scene petition. How many times in India and Bollywood films, she has gone. Latest Bollywood film "Gang of Ghost" has worked and little bit succeed. This is a short speech, Paoli Dam carrier graph. That Paoli Dam is now in Dhaka. Sharp eye on the coming of the media in India at the opening of the fair lady. The heroine was removed at the level of obscenity conservative society director Hasibur Reza Kollol delight "Sotta" to the name of a film. Shooting is underway. the question is, what is true of Paoli Dam? Apparently, the creators of the capital interest in the media, and I think so. What is the reason? let us then try a little back. In 2011 18th May at the Cannes International Film Festival first release of her film "Chatrak" in the bed scene with the artist Sudip Mukherjee bad scene Paoli view of the performers were visitors fell. What was the view. As far as has been seen, including the artist Sudip lying completely bad scene on Paoli. If the art is all obscene and immoral for conservative society, India or Bangladesh. Paoli was the scene of the rice cake like. The Bollywood film "Hate Story". Just a couple of years ago. Paoli Dam is one of the bad scenes in the film, Paoli Dam still shines. This is the first work of actress Paoli in Bollywood. Dramatic film of the drama, where she eventually became a prostitute. And all the glory of his body began to fascinate. Everyone fell into that trap. The work that has not yet become in Bollywood before Paoli was proof by the courage indentity. Many of the scenes in the film have bad scene with herself in bed, also appeared on the screen was a scene of total Paoli Dam backless scene open. But it did not gain any open body cloth. The film has received only two Bollywood movies. Even in the second grade. Lastly, it is to come back to Kolkata Bengali film. But here again, waiting for her second grade film actors. Jeet, Dev or Soham with not played her. Paoli was a result of the heroine of the second row actress in Kolkata. The second row was excited when the heroine is about herself. Paoli, however came to the country in the past. Gautam Ghosh's directed Paoli Dam was first film "Moner Manush". However, the film is a super hit in Kolkata and Bangladeshi co-production film was. But this time, the film produced by the entire Bangladesh. Of course, a bit more attention to Paoli. The film also starred opposite with Dhallywood king Shakib Khan. In all, all is waiting for a cocktail blasted again. But asking the country to have such a heroine of the prostitute actress why Bangladeshi filmmaker and producers such razzle dazzle? FDC concerned with the question of visitors, artists and crew members. Their Questions, the heroine of one of India's second grade film actress in Bangladeshi media showing so much exuberance, but any Bangladeshi superstar in India relating to the media and the industry did not see any man take a peek. So far the subject of a press release. Probably time to think about it now.

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