Friday, 12 December 2014

Bangladeshi King Khan Shakib-Tisha In Mental Movie Stills, Mental Working Photos

He is the country's number one hero. He is the king khan, He is the Shakib Khan. His words Dhallywood's every actor to tiger-cow eat water is one of the streets. The movie, which is determined according to the shooting, he was elected co-actress. Shakib Khan now a days have started the madness!
Now a days it would be wrong to say it again. The fact is, today, the madness has begun. How? Guys, listen to you.
Directed by Shamim Ahmed Rony in "Mental" movie shooting started two days ago with actor Shakib Khan and actress Tisha. Wednesday in the capital Dhaka City 1 pm began work on the floor of the film shot. Shakib-Tisha both were present at the time set. Here is a short scenes to work hours.
The afternoon began at FDC another film shot director Shami Ahmed Rony. In the meantime, the absence of Tisha scene was just shocked. A hospital that generates sets of shooting. Shamim Ahmed it is the first film.
The film is going to be played against Shakib Khan, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Porshi, Afzal Sharif. "Mental" films item theme song recording artist was Joj, Mallika and Shatru Jeet. Tisha and King Khan is the first movie in the combination. By the way Tisha is a Bangladeshi TV drama actress.
The rhythm of the film will be a new neighborhood, we will be all whispered love. Mentally whispered, Bangladeshi King Khan Shakib was shocked to take up refreshed. Tisha and Porshi also mental be, what are some of the rest?

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