Friday, 19 December 2014

BD Model Naila Nayem Latest Pics, Naila Nayem Shoulder Off Picture at Srimangol

After 3 and a half hours of continues shooting was Sreemangal Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf center. the euphony of the pack up.
Thanks for the extraordinary guidance director Rommo Khan and his team members. Abir Chowdhury thanks for monitoring and a special thanks positive Hub 360. Always positive encouragement to extend my sincere gratitude to the brother Fuad Ali. My co-artist Jannat Jojo, Sahed Farhan, Rusho Sheakh and Shibly Nouman thank for their cooperation.

Environment as well as the Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf in Srimangal is truly pleasurable experience. I was shooting for TVC perfume. I was impressed that my fans and to followers, Srimangal the reason to thank me. My Facebook pages and profiles of the 10000 go the message indicates that, how sincerely love me.
Finally, in addition to the shooting of the great moments in a beautiful and colorful memories of the mechanical noise of the city come back to life! Into the life of the city noise sometimes act like me want to go back again to spend time in the resort of Grand Sultan. Naila Nayem said on her official Twitter and Facebook account.

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