Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bollywood Glamor Sensational Actress Sunny Leone Fear 'Leela' Movies

Sunny Leone, who is now a name in Bollywood, which is spoken around the world very proudly. Here harmony Sunny Leone in Bollywood in India were ahead of Google Dot Com India. The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and super star Salman Khan left behind. But that is what comes to her, her afraid to another place.

Bobby Khan directed "Leela" Bollywood upcoming films long term contract discussed and controversial star Sunny Leone. Recently she has been shooting the film. But then it did not work. The reason is fear. However, it is not a spirit of fear, the fear is her co-star Mohit who is leading actor of "Leela" movies. The surprising but true. Sunny in the film are played with Mohit who is young Bollywood actor. And he is afraid of her. Therefore, without her husband Daniel Weber the presence of the film shooting that she would not, which she has made clear. Temporarily closed due to the "Leela" shooting. Each scene will be shooting herself in the film with her husband, Said Sunny. However, some behaviors were surprised Mohit. Sunny Leone said Mohit talking very badly and his character is not suit me. So actress Sunny Leone the first day after the shooting began away from Mohit. The young actor does not think much safer. Therefore, without a husband announced that she wold not at the film shooting. Sunny all the films filming alone. Attend all the time but her husband had to go to the shooting spot. But I would to say he is suffering from insecurity. Mohit has insisted that the decision of the Sunny.
Producer Bobby Khan, he said he played in the presence of her husband not to Sunny. Several producers were now in danger point. The problem is how many days can start shooting the film, he is important to look.

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