Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bollywood Horror Queen Bipasha Basu Fame In 'Alone' Movie

Bollywood horror queen Bipasha Basu's 14 years career, she acting 60 films. The films list at the minimum 10 she have been built on the content of the physical or super natural. But now the 10 successful film in Bollywood, Horror queen was being called. And it was quite enjoyed doing. Awaited release of 'Alone' movie, also built elemental story promotional on the occasion, Bipasha said, the horror film was never planning to do. However, in recent times have been more such films, especially in the last few years. She told us that, Horror Queen named suit one me and like it. The audience if happy to called me Horror Queen than i have no objections. Audience happy is my happy. It is not like being upset. Until such picture viewer preferences and choices in my career, I was happy in the name.
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