Monday, 15 December 2014

Happy Aktar Naznin Was Tempted To Enjoy More Than Before Marriage

Rape compliment Bangladeshi film actress Happy Naznin says on media that, Rubel Hossain was tempted with me to enjoy more before marriage. But when Happy tell the marriage about thing Rubel Hossain hided and then he had looked excuses. The cases have been forced.
Dhaka Medical College Forensic Department said on Sunday for recent the actress Happy in this discussion.
Happy Naznin met with Rubel Hossain just 1 year ago in facebook. Relationship for almost 9 months. She tempted a few times in her marriage relationship with the physical marking. And it has been the home of the Dhaka Commerce College.
Happy said a few days ago on media, He called me is a sexual relationship. At the time I speak of marriage. Many of which have already been saying. I excuses to agree to marry him pass. Age of marriage has not yet. After a while I do. There is a little ahead of career. You have completed. then the marriage pomp will. Tells the story of that day, and I would have enjoyed.
Happy alleged, three or four days ago, I told him about marriage. Rubel Hossain knock the question, the media does not like girls, media girls are very bad character. Their character is very bad. To be in love with them, but you can not get married at all. So I would not be able to get married. So tell me why I did not marry a waste? Rubel was mad at me, hands on every word. It was no longer the day with her. I will call do Rubel mobile phones. But for a few days, there is no contact with him. This forced me to make a case of one type.

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