Monday, 22 December 2014

'PK' Played In The Movie 'Star' Made From Assam One Of The Beggars

Played around us and around us may be in a better position today, it's all very well, and they perceive it now. I scorn because of a bum millionaire. This name can make a movie title name at any time in Bollywood. Because, Bollywood director head of the the intelligence arrived.
Whatever it may be he came from Assam to Delhi has one of the beggar. 20 years ago from today, whatever that comes from Assam in Delhi train hand. He has learned how to give rice bowel acting "PK" not seen the movie can not trust everyone.

A few months ago, the day he was standing in the same dish, Manoj Rai begging. Two gentleman came forward and asked, "can you play acting?". Manoj was the answer, "acting is my stomach rice turn." They went into a platter 20 rupee notes and writing paper with a phone number.
He took the phone, according to him, Manoj goes to Nehru Stadium. There were seven beggars, who are all blind. Manoj's head was a thought, do not have to worry about taking the next 7/8 days.
Then what happened never thought Manoj dreamed it. Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma is a five star hotel in Delhi, he was allowed to stay with stars like.
Movies acted scenes just 5 seconds, he stood by the mercy of the dish came Ammir Khan took the money from his dish. But the 5-second scene has made him a star overnight in the village, because the movie trailer is used in this scene.
Villagers deny him now called PK. He now has an account on Facebook, village stores have found a job. Even he have a girlfriend now. And Aamir Khan to thanks for everything, says Manoj Rai.

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