Friday, 19 December 2014

Sonam Kapoor Wants To Stay Busy With New Film Dolly Ki Doli

Every actress wants to be hit in his artwork. May have contributed to the hits of the film, if she is working hard. Everyone knows this is not working absolutely futile.
The actress has been working so little of that comes to fruition. Her new film "Dolly Ki Doli" the shooting a little race is on.

"Dolly Ki Doli" actress of Anil Kapoor daughter Sonam Kapoor is coming soon in front of the audience. The film shooting with a couple of moths at the time that she was doing. Sonam Kapoor in The film can be seen to have played a central role. Rotate the film stories marriage. The film produced by Arbaaz Khan. The film actress Sonam Kapoor will be seen in at least 60 wedding attire. The surprising but true. The film tells the story of her marriage to rotate in real life, but there is no thought Sonam. She wants to keep the issue at 100 paces. And at least a few years. She just want to go to work with the next few years. Sonam Kapoor said recently, at the wedding did not want to think about anything riht now. Alone are much better, I'm happy. I'd stay away from the 100 hand in marriage. Just want to pay attention to at least a few years. So there was no question of marriage. Sonam said with a smile when asked about love, love, I read the timed period. Until now, the boy fell in love with at least 500. But I'm never serious. I do not understand. I just want to be done with work.

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