Friday, 12 December 2014

Stylish Star Hrithik Roshan To Get Married Again?

There is a shocking news of Bollywood cinemas. The daring lover and stylish star Hrithik Roshan to get married again. Who is she? The question's answer is not only me, this question answer want to Indian most of the people who love's Hrithik.
Lot in the four years of love and got married in 2000 year Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and interior designer Suzanne Roshan. But earlier this year, their 13 year marriage relationship ends.
Actor Hrithik has been to reached this years of the second marriage. But who is the bride? What's wife? These question revolving neighborhood in Bollywood.
Do not say anything about it, but astrologer said to Hrithik, his second marriage is imminent.
Astrologer count reports, Capricorn horoscope in two years this has added a second marriage. Mercury's influence soon lead to further improvement in the actor's career.
However, to ensure good luck with Hrithik is an emerald or ruby consult astrologers.
The "Bang Bang" star Kangana Ranaut love with Bollywood neighborhood rumors actor Hrithik Roshan. Rakesh Roshan's Krrish sequel "Krrish 3" actress Kangana Ranaut played with Hrithik and main female lead pair Priyanka Chopra.
Hrithik said in an interview at the beginning of last month about the people of his choice, although he did not name. He said it would be published as the fans. Since then, he weak on Kangana.
However, recently the tweet Hrithik denies. "Kaho naa Pyaar Ha" films made in Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan's debut. The first one hit the star of the super hit film gave gifts.
However, The interior designer Suzanne is busy with her work. The couple had two sons, Ryan and Ridon is now growth up.
News of India Today and The Times of India.

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