Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bangladeshi TV Anchor and Model Pariha Lima Picture

Lima, known as the presenter as Pariha. However, there is one more out of her. Viewers know him as a model. So far, theree of her career, she was an advertising model. In November last year, the Vim detergent powder anchor Pariha advertising campaign was launched. For some reason it was closed for a while promoting. However, the third in a recent ad campaign Pariha Lima's carrier has begun again. And about the Pariha exuberant. In this context, she said not know why it was closed. However, due to the promotion of the ad is very good feel new again. Not only feel stronger after the ad campaign. Add quarters visitors, of whom I do not know very well, getting praise from them. It was actually quite good. Especially good is good, it is the responsibility of the product advertised that I tested. Hopefully in the future we can do something better. RTV TV program every morning on the show presentation with the stars, as well as several owls in "Tarokalap". said Pariha Lima. Media world came Pariha in 2004. Lux beauty pageant service division was the second runner up. But then she had to work to come from Tangail. The task is to create a distance between the long. Ekushey TV channel have done some of the presentation. The RTV 2010 "Tarokalap" ceremony began she had a presentation. Not only that, in the event that she is working on a regular basis. Are not going out of any event Pariha.

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