Friday, 20 February 2015

actress Amrita Khan's film having absolutely false news

Do not In the film, I did not say anything. It's just the beginning. Much about the rest of the way to go. Want to make a lot of beautiful work, through the audience to remember me for a long time. But they're not acting in the film, which was very unexpected news. The news is simply false. I do not know, do not talk to the media should not be. this question has been facing me. Many people are confusing the issue. I protest. Clearly, I can not believe the defendant acting in the current period and assuming that the tone was very promising actress Amrita Khan words. The film, which debuted this year "Game". She is also a public film of a contract. Meanwhile, the two films and not in the media and the press publishes Amrita. She iwas quite embarrassing thereby. Amrita knows her decision itself. What has surprised her greatly. In this context, she said, then told him the story. A few days ago I received a call to a manager. I do not know him. That he had worked on the small screen, he told me, now you want to make films. He told me to talk about the films. She told me u come in FDC? I would like to know if its good. He did not, etc. Who will be the film hero. He suddenly angry. I began to understand the bad behavior before it escalates. Then put the phone down. Then again, he handed the phone at the time, his behavior was worse. My mother told him I do not want this film. Someone reported the matter colormix. I just said, the film will not be played! I'll tell you all about it. Do not know, I do not know why they let the manager know. Amrita emotional undertone said, i just started. Now all I need a good films. But it is very sad news. Director, well wishers have asked me about it. It should not be. because it is a question of the artist's career.

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