Monday, 16 February 2015

Actress Apu Biswas Signed Four Films in Three Days

Bangladeshi film actress Apu Biswas signed four films in just three-day count. She continuous subjecting to three new films. In all the months to fully return 26 years old Apu Biswas.
Last three days, she was signed Shakib Khan banners SK films produced "Lagam" and "Prembaj", Bodiul Alam Khokon directed "Rajababu" and not just the name Shamim Ahmed Rony has signed a new film. Earlier this week, three more than in the films is to be finalized.
Apu Biswas said, is not just for me, for the last few months, the film was very bad. Nobody has signed a new film, I do not know. Strike-old oversees are stuck due to the siege. The good news though is beginning to slow. the new four film contract, as well as received several films. If all is well in the coming months and will start work in full swing.

Apu Biswas now Montajur Rahman Akbar "My Darling" movie filming on the set. After that she move to shooting her new film Badiul Alam Khokon "Rajababu" movie.

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