Saturday, 21 February 2015

actress Mahiya Mahi apologized to reporters

The generation of the popular actress Mahiya Mahi apologized to reporters. The acting in the film she does not come back to the previous announcement. She commitment back to acting again in the film.

19th February the early morning at 4am Mahi five a status on Facebook account. She said, the depression was some very and very hard to gave a status that she would not come in the film. Film industries my dream, my real one where out to go there, it is not possible, I'm sorry to all the journalists, brothers, I feel very bad, so I did not communicate with anyone. I am in India, "Fire 2" prepare for the film, I will return very soon, everyone will pray for me. said Mahiya Mahi at Facebook account.

Mahiya Mahi film do not acting this status she gave in January 30th at 6pm 18 minutes due to a Facebook account. As a result, there were mixed reactions among different.

Mahiya's status on January 30 said, "in the hands of the film can take care of "Agni 2" after I will no longer work in the film. I want to New York would like to graduate. Mahiya Mahi status center that was created by the smog.

Mahiya Mahi is now New York. She want to finish graduation. She came here to be admitted to the University faculty in BBA.
Tomorrow is going to be starting "Agni 2" movie shooting. The film stars are Mahiya Mahi and Kolkata Bengali new film actor Om will be her co stars. The film will be directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury.

In 2012 "Valobashar Rong" she introduced in the film. In 2013 "Onnorokom valobasha", "Poramon", "Valobasha Ajkal" and "Tobuo Bhalobasha" total released five film. In 2014 "Agni", "Ki Darun Dekhte", "Dobir Saheber Songsar", "Honeymoon", "Desha: The Leader," and "Onek Sadher Moyna" of these film were released. That times in Bangladeshi movies she is the highest paid actress in bangladesh. This year Calcutta and Bangladesh joint production was released Romeo vs Juliet movie. The film is a super duper hit in India and Bangladesh theater.

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