Thursday, 26 February 2015

Actress Nowshin Nahreen Mou Agreed That Any Movie She Want To Do

Bangladeshi Radio Jocker, TV actress, film actress, model and media personality Nawsheen Nahreen Mou across ideas that any type movie she want to do. If good story and good character have she agreed to do cinema to act. Whether or trends or business type she will do cinema. 

Actress Nowshin's "Mukhosh Manush: The Fake" films about she said, "She played 'Nil' role here. Helplessness of a woman victim of cyber space character in the film revolves around the story is built on. First released as a short film, but the film is being created as the feature films. A trailer with a few intimate scenes of the short film on YouTube, this film discuss social media storm like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp site.

Film actress Nowshin do not think all of those discussions. She says, "Our whole team unite of the film are under fire. Our lips are many bumps in the film. I do not know what will happen later. However, the performance of our social problems in our society can not tell me what happened." She said, "I really wonder about the movie. I have many thoughts about the movie, some of the plans. Now they do not want to share. However, it can tell you that I am in the film. Now it seems to work much better. With the TV drama film career is over thinking about each artist."
The movie of the Nil character Nawsheen says, "It was a great love, love the Nil character of the movie role. Love is the most important to him. As the love of his life around the hazard." This is in contrast to her husband, film actor Adnan Farooq Hillol and longtime friend and colleague Kalyan Corraya. 

Radio jockey Nawsheen digit came from the movie theater and going regularly. In 2010 Shafiqul Islam Bhairavi's directed feature film 'Suachan Pakhi' was the first film of her career. 
Then she suddenly stopped working on the film. Then Nowshin Shonkho Dasgupta's film 'Hello Amit' and Dayal Rahman's 'Dudu miah' films. Not the news that two of the cinema. 

Nowshin Nahrin Mou was not disappointed. She simply did not give the expected film actress. "Mukhosh Manush: The Fake" movie not only, upcoming her new film which is Shahriar Nazim Joy was directed 'Prarthona' will be she performing a very special role. 

Nawsheen says, "there are no words that will make the main role of the film. I am actress. Good story and I do not mind if a special character. I'd have a chance to play the role. Does not matter to me that the unit will be the heroine, the movie will be full of dancing and singing. The films may be of any type." 
Thought the film is busy, do not leave the drama but drama serial may I've not be played. However, a one hour drama will work periodically.

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