Friday, 27 February 2015

Alia Bhatt Stills at The Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards 2015 Photos

Alia Bhatt attends at The Ciroc Filmfare Glamour and Style awards 2015 which is held in Mumbai. Bollywood teenage sensational and glamour actress Alia Bhatt walked on red carpet with came beautiful and gorgeous shoulder off dress. The outfits made crazy but how far long to go this fashion. This is too old while the outfits came before 5 to 10 years ago.

Alia Bhatt needs to be her effortless self seriously instead of letting Karan Johar make her into a manufactured that she's not. She needs to first mature and learn how to carry herself with grace and confidence before attempting these crazy outfits, if that's really even her style. Got to hand it to Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut for always being true to who they are. Their style, glamour and fashion has evolved over the years. It didn't just happen overnight.
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We all know sense Kareena Kapoor Khan is very active on this page. Why she is so after cute faced, beautiful, stylish and talented Alia. Thinking that Alia seems to have a very confused fashion sense between Kareena. She either wears shoulder off dress like this or over sized too grown up gowns that nearly dwarfs her petite frame. There is no middle ground for her. 

I don't like the shoulder off gown outfits, but she does look nice overall. She looks like she's going to a glamour style pretty outlooks party girl.

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