Saturday, 21 February 2015

Bangla Movie Mukhosh Manush: The Fake is Now Feature Film

At YouTube trailer the short Bangla movie "Mukhosh Manush: The Fake" is now popular trailer of Bangladeshi film. The film sources, nearly 30 million viewers watched the trailer. But the short film to create a complete film announced for the film director Jewel Arafat. "Mukhosh Manush: The Fake" being built at this time of cyber world crime story. Cyber crime has highlighted the story of one of the victims to their vulnerabilities. Story and screenplay written by Torun Ahadur Rahman. Producer itself the movie dialogue written. He said, "Mukhosh Manush: The Fake" began shooting in March last year. Most parts of the film had finish. He said, Our plan was to create a short film. But after leaving the trailer in YouTube, we received an overwhelming response. As we have discussed in the trailer, but has been criticized. So we decided is not short. It will be constructed as feature films. Producer said, This Eid Ul Fitre the film will be release. There film different roles starring Noushin Nahreen Mou, Adnan Faruq Hillol are the leading pair. Bangladeshi top band Chirkut and Humayun Ahmed are music director of the film.

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