Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bangladeshi child artist Sanita is now heroine "O Sathi Re" movie

In 2007 was started Bangladeshi child artist Sanita is now a film leading actress. "O Sathi Re" is the name of the movie. Ninth class student Sanita around the age of 15. The heroine Sanita is coming in the film. "O Sathi Re" film was directed by Shahin Sumon.

Recently at a restaurant in the capital of Dhaka "O Sathi Re" film muhurrat was held. The main heroine of the film as the director Shahin Sumon Sanita was first introduced actress of his film. Featured in the current period, heroine Sanita with playing popular young and dashing actor Bappi Chowdhury. Sanita-Bappi contrast hope will be fine, said director. The new heroine Sanita said, I am very happy to be the leading actress of the film at an early age. i never expected and i don't believe that the dream was coming. It's going going to be a dream come true. "this is to be the heroine of her optimism. A child artist Sanita she performed lot of drama, now she as well as a main actress in the film. Have the opportunity to work in a advertisement. To work as a child actor in the film began to dream of becoming a stage heroine Sanita. She said, "I've played so far in more than 20 drama as well as television. Apu madam Bangladesh film stars start my film starring. But my most favorite actor Suborna Mustafa. I have always been impresses with her performances in various films. Her career saw the silent heroine goes up a lot." February 24 in Coxsbazaar, there is "O Sathi Re" film will start in outdoor. The song will be choreographed imposing two locations. Before shooting herself in the ontext of the preparation of Sanita 'heroine dream I saw, when I tried to dominate the steel style of dance with all your heart." Sanita came from Borguna in the district of Barishal Division, she student of Rampura Ideal school. she is a commerce student. She have a one another siter but she is a younger. Rahman's father is a businessman. Aleya Begum mother is a housewife and worked all the time to fulfill the dream of being a girl. So from childhood made her eligible to teach dance and music. The study did not happen due to the disruption of film, Sanita say, the film manages to study the matter. ow, however, will not work on a regular basis. I don not interfere in the study.

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