Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bangladeshi Film Actor Emon Wedding News on Social Networking Sites

Bengali actor Emon's official Facebook account to post up the pictures of the girls with him. Below written in English, "wedding anniversary wishes... 'Is something. After the start of the talks. When contacted by mobile phone opens Emon unravel itself. "We are on Facebook, This pics is my wife Ayesha Islam. This day is ver important to us. This day we were married. So this day I gave to pictures on Facebook."
There was so much before marriage? Emon said, 2009 in 15th February. Family relationship, but the two were married on that day. That married seven years ago, but the story so far regarding Emon spoke. Why is that? In response to a question, he said, the time, I've just started working on the film. The showbiz world some people advised me not to publish the news of marriage. I fear that his career might be damaging to the subjects, and did not disclose. Ayesha busy with her study. And her marriage was not in favor of the news. "Then suddenly, in the days after the publication of the reasons? "Life is so important to keep pressing the issue so became the emotional turmoil. Normal life was hampered. Therefore, it is not trying to hide it. "Emon said.
It was the news of marriage. Finally, let us know if you want more. He said, 'Just Ayesha, our family has a little more than two members. Two sons, Sammy and Shayan. We ask for the blessing.

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