Friday, 27 February 2015

coming to the big screen, small screen tv actress Moutushi Biswas

Alvi Ahmed directed the first film in the remaining two item songs from "U-Turn" Bengali movie. Actress Prosun Azad danced from one bud and the ramp model Syed Ruma danced another bud. Moutushi Biswas playing this song can be seen in two lines on the screen dance. She is one of the stars of the film. Irfan Sajjad this song danced with her. Choreography done by Asad Khan. 

Moutushi Biswas said, "I have two lines of classical dance. I'm not known to pose sexy item song. That's why I relief there."

Popular director Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi's 'Bachelor' and Rafael Ahsan's 'Noy Choy' on the screen did not seem but Alvi Ahmed's directed "U-Turn" film Moutushi Biswas playing a leading actress which will seen by matching key in there. 

She said, "Honestly, I really was not interested in acting in films. So I like to play small screen television. Coming back to the golden era of film again. Now I'm not a bad thing if you get a chance. I thought, "U-Turn" is a perfect movie for me. So I said to yes to director Alvi Ahmed.
Moutushi says, this film had several intimate scenes, in which the director Alvi was presented very aesthetically. She says, "I thought it was necessary to the story and the character needed scenes. The scene is full of bold depend I'm working with a director. Depending on the position of the camera view and the screen to expose what I said. Affairs, to the appeared ofhow much I depend on my manager." 

 She says, " How to starring in movie, in response to a question. "In the case of the plays I was confronted with this complex question. I have a dream character. I want the character and the other would be treated. When I played the character of the time she became my dream character. Why is that such films do at work, I cinematic story and the main character. Everything is better to read the story. I think that the character of this story is to offer me, and how I can cope," said Moutushi Biswas.

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