Monday, 9 February 2015

Lion Actress Radhika Apte Selfies Leaked Image Viral in Online

Tamil movie Dhoni actress Radhika Apte selfies leaked got internet. These photos are taken from the What's App and internet. Bollywood, Telugu and Tamil movie heroine Radhika Apte has been victim of morphed selfie leaked photos and being circulated in social sites.
Her look a like obscene photos are going viral through whatsapp from past few hours. Some websites have posted those pictures too, but trust is that these pics are taken from bathroom which she taken selfies.
She reacted on leaked selfies. She has come up with a comment on the issue and she claims that the obscene leaked selfies are morphed.
The actress has not come out with any statement regarding the leaked images. With the icloud hacks fresh in readers memories, this may be an Indian version of the same where personal intimate images are hacked and leaked online. Most of the images are shower selfies and most likely to be the hand work of some hacker, who hacked these photos from her phone and circulated it on the social sites. Though this is just a conjecture on our part at this time as the images may be morphed
She tweeted "You guys! if you're going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me. 1/2 (sic)”

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