Saturday, 21 February 2015

Oviya, Sarathkumar Latest Stills From Tamil Movie Sandamarutham Photos

Sandamarutham is a 2015 Tamil upcoming action style film. Sarathkumar is the actor of the film. Oviya Helen and Meera Nandan is the actress of the film. Oviya is the lead pair with Sarathkumar while Meera Nandan playing a supporting role behind with Oviya. Sandamarutham is a Tamil language film which is produced by actor Sarathkumar wife Radhika Sarathkumar and directed by A. Venkatesh. The film will be releasing May 2014. Movie Story: An undercover cop tries to foil the plans of an unrepentant criminal, who tries to supply an extremely dangerous chemical to terrorists for money. A movie with his politics background to show off him as a good politician as well as peoples well wisher. usual movie after joining in politics done by the actor. Sarathkumar is the kind of criminal who is 80 steps ahead of his pursuers, as he himself puts it. The cops in his base fear him and thus he has managed to develop a highly potent chemical that can cause destruction beyond belief. Sandamarutham Tamil movie would have worked better as a lean and mean action thriller but the director, A Venkatesh also doesn't want to lose out on the family audience.

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