Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ramp Model Syed Ruma Back Again Item Song

Approximately or more than 12 years she modeling in ramp stage. Now, as well as modeling and acting in drama choreographer and actress Syed Ruma. She performed lot of drama but she not performed in a films. However, she regretted the extent lost take part in the movie item song. Recently, a new item song took part in the ramp model Syed Ruma. The film can be seen dancing with a song director Alvi Ahmed's "U-Turn" movie. This song was shooting yesterday at FDC institute in Tejgaon. Dance master Sajjad Rahman dance with her.

Ruma said, "I'm about to do the things I enjoy item song. Without it the film balled of fun. "Before The Games film Ruma also done item song. However, it is not just the item song, she has no interest in the film. She said, "if there is a good story and the acting in the film will work. But the problem is, the film is a lot of time. It is difficult for me to find." U Turn film item song of the particle and has coordinated by Fuad Ali Muqtadir voices. The director Alvi thinking the film will be release in April. Ruma said, to perform otem song, but now a different type of film being created. Images being praised. U-Turn item song for a long time to take part in the film was discussed. Like thinking. Therefore agreed to the proposal. Item song in the film as well have played a small role. Ramp model Syed Ruma previous she featured item song was performed in The Games movie for the first time. Again item song she erformed as a artists. U-Turn film is audiences good controversially. Took part in the shooting of the song at FDC center. Ending the song U-Turn film shooting. "Dilete Chot Legeche, Tar Chireche Braine" that song melody and music director Fuad.

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