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TV Actress Nowrin Hasan Khan Jenny Latest Photos, Actress Jenny Pictures

Not only drama, Bangladeshi TV actress Nowrin Hasan Khan Jenny was supposed to debut in the film. Film director Motin Rahman's a commercial movie was offered to be the heroine. But the school girl Jenny neglect the offer a role of colorific clothes to dance. Then reached a decade. Now Jenny says she want to commercial films.

Masud Mohiuddin's 'Nil Nagorik' series was to set actress Nowrin Hasan Khan Jenny. About the film, she said, "I read in the eight to ninth grade. Sudden rates Motin Rahman took a commercial movie offer. I read the story of the movie, which will go to the actress. But I was not prepared at all. When the film was absolutely impossible. I could not think of myself as a film then."

Jenny switched the decision. Actress Jenny's eyes turned towards the commercial film.

"Now is the dance-music-based movies are not making. The film director rise building a commercials. I'd like to work on the film. However, the commercial film. Of different films, I do not want to work. TV plays different roles, I have a chance."
Have often complained about the stars of the show played. Jenny said, "There are a series of problems with the script, It's true. In fact in many cases, to boredom, I have repeatedly requested the director to change the script. So in the middle of the series, but I did not go to work. I lose interest."

One hour, continuous and Telefilm - which one to act like that, answered, "or a series of telefilms Anyway, my work will be played. Units, director, screenplay and plays better at everything when Telefilm Anyway, I like to work. One of my words, at the end of the day we will be like the play,
Bengali drama has value, the complaint is often heard in the face of the artists, but also disagreed Jenny gave an explanation of the other, "which is heard, it is not far wrong. A growing number of channels. Explore the appearance of visitors watching different channels. A character in the interest of not being made. Then has the trade. Decreasing the channel increasing corporate investment. Reducing the budget drama."
She says the artists increased fees. "Increase the member of channels, but has benefited artists. Many of channels and many directors are increasing but the less the artist. Meanwhile, do not match our schedule. We are seeking higher wages. When tthe increase in the number of artists, they will reduce our fee. It's simple formula of the economy."

Masud Mohiuudin's direction mega drama series 'Nil Nagorik' starring Jenny with her first appeared actor Abu Saeed.

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