Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Zero Degree: Bengali Movie Has Ended in Zero | Ruhi, Joya, Mahfuz Latest Photos

The small screen to the achievement of identity unblinking director Animesh Aich debut movie "Zero Degree" before the release of the several reasons behind the response. First, there was a long time movie shooting. Secondly, after a long break in the film back to actor Mahfuz Ahmed. Third, a vibrant cinematic thriller movie trailers indicated. But more than three and a half hours long movie time, exhausting experience of watching movies is that the "Zero Degree" meet expectations has remained vacant.
Some of the movie brave admittedly you. But courage is more that the obvious reason the movie first look. Tried a lot of movies newline was not labeled. Because of the close call to move beyond traditional concepts dare show it. Funding patriarchal society lurid picture mentality struck repeatedly came up as a theocracy. Office girls are not good mothers, during addicts are musicians, and poets in love with dance masters of the Catharina to establish this type of story and crew is busy.

Mahfuz Ahmed, the first Bengali film was produced and acted movie called psychogenic thriller. A middle-aged man and wife deceived retaliation roaring drunken lust and deception of men repeatedly turned on the cold-blooded killer of a young girl's story made this movie really had a chance to several drastically to become a thriller. But as a consequence of the weaker stories rack conceivable scenario is probably due, at any stage gimmicks was noticeably weak. Many of the crew heads cut scene the camera angle was wrong. Has entered the scene in the frame due to the inefficiency of the compositions of unnecessary objects. It was the scene of many focus malfunction. Since the start of Zero Degree movies as well as promotion of the movie has been manufacturers of commercial section. While providing the entertainment business cinematic feast gave Zero Degree music. Popular band singer James singing 'Prem O Ghreena' and 'Agun Jalao', as well as there not permission to use Abida Sultana "Bimurto Ei Ratri Amar' popular Bengali song has been greatly utilized in this film. The only unusual thing is for the tunes, songs were beautiful and perfect imaging. Tags: Bangladeshi movie Zero Degree stills, Bengali movie Zero Degree photos, Actress Ruhi in Zero Degree movie picture, Mahfuz Ahmed in Zero Degre movie photos, Zero Degree BD movie heroine Ruhi photos, Zero Degree actress Joya Ahsan stills, Zero Degree movie actress Joya Ahsan photos, Zero Degree Bangladeshi film first look photos.

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