Sunday, 21 August 2016

Winifer Fernandez 2016 Rio Olympic Sexy Volleyball Women Player Latest Photos

Winifer Fernandez is a 2016 sexy and hot indoor Volleyball women player who is a born in Dominican Republic. Her club Mirador with completed 2015 FIVB Volleyball Women's club world championship. Winifer Fernandez is 169 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall, 62 kilograms (137 lb), born on 6 January 1995 and hails from Cienfuegos in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She started playing volleyball at the age of ten, under the guidance of coach Miguel DurĂ¡n and she relocated in 2009 to Santo Domingo to join the junior national team. As of 2013, she was planning to pursue a degree in Business Administration. She has been described as slick, fast and smart and someone who dazzles with her beauty.

Winnifer Fernandez is a beautiful indoor volleyball female player. She is a gorgeous indoor volleyball girl. She lead her club, she lead her country Dominican Republic. why does she have different jersey? she says, I play a position called Libro. What we do is basically keep the ball alive as long as possible. You'll usual see us diving or rolling for the ball. We wear different a color jersey so it'll be easy to identify us. We have different substitution rules compared to the other positions, so referees need to know who we are easily. Hence the different jersey color. Winifer Fernandez hot at Rio Olympics 2016, Winifer Fernandez sexy in Rio Olympics 2016, Winifer Fernandez hot in beach photos, Winifer Fernandez latest picture, Dominican Republic hot girl Winifer Fernandez picture, Dominican Republic volleyball girl Winifer Fernandez photos, Winifer Fernandez hot pics, Winifer Fernandez sexy, world hot volleyball women player Winifer Fernandez photos, world sexy female volleyball player Winifer Fernandez photos, world sexy volleyball girl Winifer Fernandez, world hot volleyball girl Winifer Fernandez image.

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